Wine for Chefs

Since the time wine was first created around 5000 B.C., we have found that its magical properties include not only its ability to delight the taste buds and to pleasantly intoxicate, but to help flavor and cook food.  Professional Chefs and enthusiastic Home Cooks alike will appreciate this hands-on course that explores the intricrate relationship between all aspects of wine and food.  This 5-evening course includes 3 components:

  • Introduction to Wine:  Participants will learn about different wine styles, wine grapes, old, new and emerging wine regions and how to taste like a pro.  You will have an opportunity to taste white, red, rose, sparkling and fortified wines and discover the unique characteristics of each style of wine from crisp, dry, light bodied whites to dark, sweet fortified wines.  You'll gain an understanding of tannins and what happens as wines age.
  • Wine and Food Pairing: With your depth of understanding of food flavours and your appreciation of wine styles and characteristics, you are ready to discover the effect wines and foods have on each other.  We'll match and compare wines of each style with a variety of different foods.  The dishes you'll try will include classical pairings and modern cuisine as well as using some ingredients that are actually difficult to pair with wine.  You'll discover the wine and food combinations that work well together and even some that just don't.
  • Cooking with Wine: Wine is at the heart of most of the world's great cuisines and there are reasons for that.  Wine's ability to infuse food with flavor is so multidimensional that it influences every method in which we cook.  Participants will learn about and taste wine-based sauces, and try dishes that are steamed, simmered, poached, marinated and braised in wine.  Many of the dishes are replicated using different wines to demonstrate the importance of choosing wines for the individual characteristics and flavours that they impart.

There is a fun interactive course designed to give Chefs and Home Cooks the tools they need to choose wines that will enhance  their dishes, develop dishes to showcase specific wines and to truly understand and know how use wine as the "magical ingredient" that it is.


Location: Teresa's Wine Academy

Duration: 30 hours
Cost: $999.00

Contact us – if you are interested in this course.