Food & Wine Bootcamp:

This is a first of it's kind in the GTA  - A Food and Wine Bootcamp.  Chef Maggie and Sommelier Teresa have teamed up to provide a comprehensive set of cooking classes, wine insights, food and wine pairings and little known tips for cooking with wine.  Over 4 evenings they'll take you through some basic knife skills, understanding and making each of the "mother sauces", then cooking different proteins, vegetables, starches and desserts.  Alongside the hands on cooking lessons, you will discover the different styles of international wines, which wines pair best with the foods you're cooking, and even some of Maggie and Teresa's secrets to cooking with wine.  Join us for 4 fun and educational evenings of cooking, tasting, learning ... all about cooking great food, pairing appropriate wines and how and why they can be so dynamic together.

4  Evenings - Monday June 1, 8, 15 & 22.      6:30 - 9:30          $399                            REGISTER NOW